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MusicianHotSpot Founder & Guitarist
I'm a guitarist with a background in rock, blues, and some jazz. Influences include: Jimmy Page, Jimi Hendrix, and Slash. This is …
Drummer since I was 10. Influenced heavily by Danny Carey (tool), Dennis Cambers, ect. Love audioslave, rammstein, tool, deftone…
Peter Pan syndrome
Musical enthusiast not burdened with talent
Singer for Square Jr.
Who knows? I sing poorly, play bass badly and hack away at a guitar desperately.
Im a hair stylist and i like music!
Singer/Vocalist/Songwriter/dreamer originally from White Plains, NY. I've played in 2 different Rock Bands over the past 7 years.…
Been a wanna-be drummer for years and have inspired by many greats!
Steady in rhythm, steady in life
Playing bass for the fun of the music - it ALWAYS beats going to work. From my grammar school days of listening to folk music g…
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